Empty Bottle


Today marks the day eleven years ago that God gave me the strength to put down the bottle and not pick it back up. Eleven years without taking a drink is a miracle, so I’m reposting my poem- Empty Bottle, enjoy.

Mitchell's Mumblings

For just a moment

The world made sense

And my spirit did not tremble

For I was blissfully numb

But eventually

The clouds clutched onto me

Causing me

To stammer and stumble through

My faithful confidant

Had become my poison

Trying to seize my life

The Almighty did not lose me

In the fog of every glass

So gratefully I gained the strength

To climb out of this pit

And set down the bottle


inhabits me.

 So now

–I am free-

Amen and amen….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you for reposting. “Empty Bottle” is so simple and poignant as is a lot of what you write. thanks

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