I Will Speak Life


The weight of the past,

Is thrown in my face.

Deep down

I harbor many doubts.


Encouraged by a good friend

I pause to listen.

The Spirit whispers words of truth.


I realize I am….

Wise and insightful

Charitable and witty                       ,


An encourager,

dependable friend

A beautiful person-

Inside and out.


My negativity needs to depart

-I will speak life-

So my past will NOT shape my future


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry Potts says:

    get up and dance! Sing and celebrate! You are a beautiful person, wise, witty, gifted and called. God calls you and you do and will make an awesome difference!!!

    1. lam523 says:

      thanks for your kind words! I was glad for the challenge to write this.

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