Do Not Hinder: Welcoming Kids to Worship


r e F o c u s

I recently wrote a blog entitled “My kid doesn’t ‘get’ anything out of church.”  In it, I shared that while children might not get the same things out of church that we do, they certainly do get many things out of church.  I also shared that, while I am an advocate for Children’s Ministry (that’s my job after all!), I see the need for times where the whole community of faith comes together and worships as the corporate body.

But, let’s be honest, church as we know it isn’t really designed for that.  Church as we know it is designed for kids to be otherwise engaged, if not for the whole service, at least for the sermon.

So, what can we do about that?

I have received a lot of feedback from a lot of people about a lot of ideas and strategies to address that question.  And…

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