One more day…


Depression can try and overwhelm you. But you must have a support system to find your way. Praise God I have that. Here is a poem about my struggle with depression. If you also struggle, with life seeming out of control or overwhelming with darkness, you are not alone. But please reach out, so you can say you made it- one more day…

-and thanks Frank, for being there-

Sinking in an ocean of doubts

Hopelessness overwhelms me

The darkness blankets me

So I cannot catch a glimpse of God

Here I am

Standing on the edge

Defeated and disillusioned

I unearth the nerve to reach out

For God has awarded me with great friends

I am able to grab ahold of their faith

While mine seems hazy

It offers me enough peace

And the potency to go on

For one more hour

Saved for one more day




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret says:

    Always glad to have one more day, so many do not get that chance. It’s a chance to put things in prospective.

    Sent from my iPad

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