Messy feelings

Doubts clothed with fear

Creep in to rob my soul

Which shoves me back

Into wicked remembrances

Of periods of dread and manipulation

Crammed away to spare my heart

I yearn for a time

When my core no longer throbs

And my mind can be at peace

But until then I park myself here

With my bottled tears

And messy feelings

Please let me have the power to hold on…..



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  1. Margaret says:

    I worry about you. Poems lovely but sad. I hope you can get pass all this. You have a whole church behind you and must realize that you will never please all. This just seems to be part of life. Focus on those who are with you rely on them as your source of encouragement. Your meeting will be fine as long as she doesn’t try to persuade you that Kay, Fay, and Barry love you. I just wouldn’t believe that as I know they don’t love me, but we still must pray for them. Take care.

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    1. lam523 says:

      Don’t worry. Getting these feelings out means I am atleast facing them and believe it or not, that is progress.

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