40th Birthday–40 Challenges

40th Birthday–40 Challenges    LORI MITCHELLL·WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13TH 2016

So, family and friends, I am asking for your help.

I saw a friend do this so I am copying his idea from him—-this March I turn 40!  I also will celebrate 10 years of sobriety in March as well. Since they are milestones, I want to do something special, and have given myself 40 challenges to complete by March 29th of next year.

I know that I cannot complete the list alone. It’s just too big for one person, and to be frank, more than a few of these challenges scare me. That’s why I am posting it online, and that’s where you come in. I’m asking for you all to keep me accountable, and push, challenge, encourage, as well as pray for me as I begin what should be an interesting and incredible year. Thank you all.

Exercise, Health and Diet

  1. Lose 40 pounds.
  2. Fast and pray for 24hours, at least once every month .
  3. Walk Atlas four to five times a week.
  4. Go to the spa for stress relief—at least once a month, for either massage or facial.
  5. Try cooking and preparing 40 new healthy recipes.
  6. Growing a small vegetable garden.
  7. Learn/try a new sport.
  8. Start doing aerobics three times a week.
  9. Write 12 poems and put on blog.
  10. Start accountability small group and meet regularly.
  11. Cut caffeine and salt from diet.


  1. Memorize 12 hope infused-selected Bible passages.
  2. Read the Bible cover to cover.
  3. Start Celebrate Recovery or similar group at my church
  4. Make cd with praise songs to use in the car for when I am driving
  5. Organize at least three mission opportunities for either Fairton or Clayton.
  6. Lead Bible Study with New book that I helped author
  7. Go to a Christian concert.
  8. Sing a solo/duet at least twice this year for church.
  9. Start marriage devotion time with Dan at least twice a week.


  1. Learn how to change my own oil in my car and do it.
  2. Learn to drive one of Dan’s tractors.
  3.  Take some piano or voice lessons
  4. Listen to 5 new bands at recommendation of friends.
  5. Take a class for fun (cooking, art, etc,)
  6. Get a book of my poems published.
  7. Take Sabbath vacation at least once
  8. Visit a new city.
  9. Visit a new state.
  10. Read 3 books non seminary related.
  11. Reach out to three estranged friends
  12. Start savings account and save for trip


  1. Social media fast for a grand total of 30 days (starting the day after my birthday—so March 30 and on—)
  2. Talk to, and potentially get to know, 2 strangers.
  3. Intentionally commit to 40 acts of kindness.
  4. Mail 40 handwritten letters.
  5. Go out to dinner with Dan once a month
  6. Have monthly church anniversary fun nights- celebrating 225 years there too!
  7. Host 2 dinner parties; one for family, another for church family.
  8. Invite my dad to church



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