I am Transformed

—this one is for you Frank, got some hope here my friend 🙂

Photo credit goes to Steve Morris Roth


It’s in the hush

I hark back to times gone by

Early days of my lifetime

Seem so distant

However are so unnerving

Times of ire

That were spent burying

All that I was

I veiled myself

So I only saw quick glances

Of the trail of a madman

Who was complete with adoration and disgust

He ripped through my life

Extinguishing purity and sweetness

Feeling like he was going

To stomp out all the goodness in me

But he was no match for a Savior

Who begets healing and wholeness

For I am a masterwork full of joy and hope

No longer does the stillness bring dread

But a path of mercy, and love

For, I through grace am transformed—



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