Cracked Vases


Rare bitter nights I recall

Make me wince in dread

It’s not just sounds I remember

But terror from deep within

I shudder as I recognize

This monster linked to me

I want to cautiously whisper out

~Daddy why so incensed?~

Among the muffled screams

I recognize blows being taken

So the whole dungeon of my mind

Hurls up barricades to shield my soul


Leaves me with

 The burden of broken memories

Full of spoiled sunsets, cracked vases

Releasing my soul

feeling busted



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry Potts says:

    I like the Cracked Vases because i see one made whole! Amazing!

  2. lam523 says:

    Amen- God’s grace is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog

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