Writing poems started for me when my brother died. I wrote a few but then just stopped, I was too angry and didn’t want to feel then–but it’s where it started. This poem is actually on the back of my brother’s tombstone–

My heart weeps for the loss of my brother

For I got to know him more then most others

He was sweet, kindhearted,strong and true

He touched the hearts of all he knew

His faith was strong, though his body got weak

And he would smile through the times that were bleak

His battle with cancer was hard for him to bare

But now he’s up in Heaven without a care

Many will miss my brother ever so dearly

But the memories will stand with us clearly



2 Comments Add yours

  1. lam523 says:

    thanks so much–I miss my brother dearly. A big part of my heart died when he did.

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