Sorry this one is pretty depressing—-I felt this a lot as a child



Silent I now remain

For I dare not speak

Hushes trail every shadow

Who would take note anyway?

I am a worthless little child

I secretly want to uncover

My shattered heart

But Fear exposing those depths

Will offer no results

Unknowingly I release my sorrow

Into a pail full of wrecked dreams

Even the stillness of the night

Shows no mercy

Maybe when the morning comes

Someone will want to show me

How to find  my voice again



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bettie Chaplin says:

    I believe each one of us should get our feelings out in safe place, especially our childhood. Sometimes did you feel invisible? Fortunately we have learned that even young or old or in between God knows and cares. God’s hand has been upon you all this time.

    1. lam523 says:

      Sometimes I think I felt invisible, but that is what I thought I was supposed to be. Sad but true. But now I have a voice—I am finding it now! Thanks for taking time to read some of my poems

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