Remembering is not easy

Screaming, hiding were part of the scene

Home was supposed to be a haven

But hell is all it seemed

You’d never know when the bad days will come

So carefully you lurked in the shadows

Your soul was broken, your spirit subdued

And no one knew because you quieted the questions

A Perfect family was just one who pretends

Because survival was found in the unity of silence

One day you will find a way out

But you must betray the secrets to lose the chains

The shards of your soul are ready, please do not delay


Footsteps I hear them outside my door

If I pretend, I can wish the fear away

Numbness overtakes the panic

So the pain and shame will not win

Innocence is now gone and replaced by acceptance

-Because I am no longer a pure little girl

Worthlessness and indignity fuels hatred deep into my soul

While death is craved and sorrow embraced

Only God can mend this broken soul

If only I felt worthy to give up my pain

You see, I find myself holding onto the agony

As if it was my faithful companion

God please hear my cries, from deep within

Inside you find a scared little girl, tired and weary







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