Restructuring and transitions

Eastern University is making some cuts. It’s necessary to make changes but they should be done in a respectful manner. 

This is the letter I am sending to the administration of Eastern University and also to all of the Eastern community:
It’s with a saddened heart that I write this letter. As an alumna of Eastern University and a current Palmer Seminary M. Div. candidate, I am appalled at the way many have been treated in the previous days in this time of transition.

Change is never easy, but in the same breath necessary. As a pastor of only a few years, I know what happens when change needs to be made. There is resistance and hurt feelings. That is why it needs to be done with grace and in love. From my vantage point this does not seem to be happening as Palmer Seminary is transitioning onto the campus of Eastern University.

One motto of Eastern University is “the whole Gospel for the whole world through whole persons…” My hope and sincere prayer as we take further steps onward is that we treat each other better and in a way that would harness wholeness and healing, not disruption and hurt.

You may not know this but Palmer Seminary is not just an institution but a family. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. Many of us are mourning today. Even though I am hurting, I am praying along with many others, praying for wisdom and discernment for all of the Eastern Community but especially for our people in leadership.

I am hoping prayerfully you receive this letter– and I am hoping and praying that once again someday I can say I am a proud alumna of Eastern University.

Respectfully submitted, Rev. Lori Mitchell- Eastern University Class 2011 and current Palmer Seminary Student


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