big-white-rock-laid-small-round-pebble-circle-stone-shape-sea-pile-nature-pebbles-group-rocks-can-use-43568565I have to say that through this dark season, I have become so acutely aware how precious our lives really, truly are. In the same breath I can say one life, one person isn’t so significant in the scheme of things.-I am one of millions of people in this world, one of millions upon millions of people that will live here on this earth– BUT also there is a ripple effect of this one life that will and does change lives around me. If I disappeared from the grand picture, lives would change, there would be an effect that goes out from that. Like a little pebble making ripples in the water.
Each day means so much more to me today–because I know what I do, does matter. I am part of God’s plan to bring his kingdom here on earth.
And still the revelation of the insignificance part helps me to not overthink the circumstances I face. Because the world does not stop spinning if I fail at something or drop out of a class. It is just something that happens-it is what it is— and you move on.


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