Gratitude list

Reflecting today and thinking of all the things I am grateful for:

1) having a relationship with Jesus and God’s grace working in my life

2) My hubby who loves and supports me

3) Sobriety!!! since 3-3-06

4) People God has put in my life to help me in the journey of faith–my grandparents, my Aunt Jean, Frank, Pastor Larry, Don, Emil, Pastor Paul, Byungil….many other pastors and leaders

5) being involved and shaped by many churches–growing up in the Cedarville church, my time being a Presbyterian :), my home church in Canton and our sister church in Alloway…not to mention the fine people at Pitman, Hancocks Bridge and Quinton UMC’s who I have worshipped and studied with—-being on staff at Trinity in Clayton

6) being able to work with the youth in Clayton


8) Having a coordinating pastor (who is a female) to work with my in my first assignment and still being able to meet with my candidancy mentor (double the feedback and support)

9) my crazy family

10) the opportunity to go to seminary

11) having a nice home

12) being able to have a job (so many people cant find work)

13) enough food to eat and some money in the bank

14) having technology and being able to use it for schoolwork/ministry

15) the ability to turn that off and just “be”

16) excitement but also peace with my first Sunday as Pastor coming up

17) being able to serve out my calling—even if its taken me a long time to get there!

18) graduating from college

19) friends–especially new friends in seminary 🙂

20) silly things– like Sleepytime tea and a bathtub to relax in


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